Bring Sambal Shiok to your house, office or garden party!


We can cater for 20+ people. You can have all of our best sellers and more!

We deliver food to you warm, ready to serve. Neither crockery nor staff are included so our catering works well if you're planning a buffet style event

The idea is that you can choose either to go down the Nasi Lemak OR the Laksa route with dishes/sides/snacks to share. Plus dessert of course!

Available Tuesday to Saturday for delivery before 6pm

For enquiries please email


(pp cost)


Minimum order £25 pp for 20 people

Available in 20 person increments

VAT and courier fee chargeable on top of base pp price

Our food is halal

Our signature curry laksa £12 - 14 pp
- choice of toppings: prawn / chicken / broccoli & aubergine


Nasi Lemak coconut rice with trimmings £10 (can be made vegetarian):

  • shrimp / vegan sambal tumis

  • toasted peanuts

  • fried anchovies

  • soft / hard boiled Clarence Court eggs

  • fresh cut cucumber


Our signature melt-in-the-mouth beef rendang £8


Our signature tomato sambal prawns £7


Chicken curry with potatoes £6.5


Our signature dahl lentil carrot curry £6 (Ve)


Yellow vegetable curry £6 (Ve)


Sambal mapo tofu with shiitake mushrooms £6.5 (Ve)


Tomato sambal tempeh £6 (Ve)


Potato curry puffs £3 (Ve, contain wheat gluten)


Pan fried spiced ‘Otak Otak’ fishcakes £4


Malaysian fried chicken with peanut sauce £4.5 (Ve) 

Malaysian fried cauliflower with peanut sauce £4 (Ve) 

Gado Gado salad £3.5 (Ve)


Fried mee hoon rice vermicelli £4 (Ve, contains wheat gluten from soy sauce)


Dessert options

Coconut and mango pudding £2.5 (Ve)

Pandan almond cake with coconut yoghurt £3 (contain nuts and dairy)